An unnamed Czech nurse has been honoured by her community for her radical method of bringing down the Nazis that invaded her town in the 1930s.

The 'femme fatale' divided the people of Trebon in what was then Czechoslovakia when she exacted revenge on Nazi invaders by sleeping with them to give them STDs such as syphilis that would kill them.

It is believed the woman, who worked at a local hospital, decided to take action when she was raped by a Nazi soldier shortly after the occupation in 1938.

She was initially shunned by her community, who despised her for sleeping with the invading enemy soldiers. But her cunning plan soon swayed opinions when soldiers began either disappearing or dying.

In memory

Now, former lawyer Karel Friml, 79, who lives in the woman's house, has pledged to have her memory recognised.

The lawyer has erected a plaque on the woman's former house acknowledging her actions and honouring her memory.

"This was her resistance and vengeance for the rape of her country and her personal rape", says Friml. "She had many German lovers, maybe six, maybe 10, maybe more.

"Unfortunately we don't know her exact name because time and memories have failed to preserve it. But we know that she was assigned to look after wounded German soldiers and began affairs with them."

Shot by the Gestapo

German troops invaded Trebon at the start of the Second World War, following a Nazi takeover of much of the German-speaking parts of Czechoslovakia a year earlier.

Adolf Hitler officially proclaimed the western half of the country to be renamed the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, and Czech's Nazi rulers set about mobilising the population to aid the German war effort.

Friml says the Gestapo eventually uncovered the nurse's actions, after they sent an agent to find out what was happening to soldiers in the town.

He says: "The Gestapo noticed that these people were disappearing and sent a secret agent to the hospital. He uncovered what she was up to and had her shot."

Regional historian and curator of the museum in Trebon, Jirina Psikova, told The Daily Mail: "The woman is historically unrecognised with no known documents mentioning her, but several people remember her story and opinion is divided.

"Some say she was a 'slut' who spread sexually transmitted diseases among German officers; other say she was a real patriot who was raped and infected by the Nazis and she decided to get her revenge."

Friml is clear about his personal feelings, telling local reporters: "I am really sorry that she died anonymously, I think she was a hero. And that's why we have made this memorial plaque to her and placed it on the wall of the house."