The Google logo is seen on the top of its China headquarters building in Beijing
The Google logo is seen on the top of its China headquarters building behind a road surveillance camera in Beijing January 26, 2010. REUTERS

Data obtained by Google's Street View is destroyed in Ireland but further data apparently remains on hard disks which German authorities are pressing for.

In the presense of independant security firm iSEC Partners Inc, wi-fi packers that were captured onto four hard disks were deleted according to Google.

"I created two new encryped volumes on separate hard drives, and copied over all of the data with the exception of the data that was identified as being captured within the Republic of Ireland," Google Partner Alex Stamos wrote on Sunday, "I then witnessed the physical destruction of the original four hard drives."

The request was made by the Irish Data Protection Authority after they found out that Google had their data.

The German authorities however, remain convinced that German data still exists and has given Google until May 26th to hand it over so the information can be identified and then deleted.

"We must be granted access to all of the collected data" they said, "Only then can it be clearly documented what kind of data was saved."

"Despite repeated demans, we've had no opporunity yet, to sift through ahard disk with all of the data." they added.

Representatives from Germany are set to meet with Google following this development.