The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has cleared a controversial ad featuring former Manchester United star David Beckham in tight underwear, for an H&M photo shoot.

According to the Daily Star, the watchdog has cleared the advertisement of causing harm and offence under social responsibility guidelines, after three complaints were registered citing the ad as "offensive".

"We considered that the nature of the product meant viewers of the ad were less likely to regard the ad as gratuitous or offensive, and considered that the poses and facial expressions of David Beckham were mildly sexual at most. While we acknowledged that some viewers might consider the images distasteful, we concluded the ad was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence. We acknowledged that the ad might be viewed by some as mildly sexual in nature, because David Beckham was featured in only a pair of tight trunk briefs. However, because the ad was for an underwear range, was not overtly sexual and did not feature explicit nudity, we considered the ad was not unsuitable for children to see, and concluded it was not socially irresponsible," the Metro quoted the ASA saying.

The H&M range was launched in February and has proven to be very popular since then.

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