David and Victoria Beckham are selling their last link to Britain - "Beckingham" Palace.

The couple, who have decided to settle down in Los Angeles, have put their luxury mansion up for sale.

"David and Victoria have been wanting to sell up for a couple of years now but the timing was never right.They don't need the money, as such, but no longer use either place and realise in this current climate it's crazy to effectively throw cash away," a source told the Yahoo.

Well... it seems the time is now - the £2.5m mansion is on the market now.

Now, even if they do not actually live in the UK, the Beckhams are clearly proud to be British. Designer and former pop star Victoria made a traditional British feast for her children earlier this week.

According to EntertainmentWise, Victoria made pork pies, sausages rolls and cheese and pineapple sticks, for International Food Day at her sons' - Romeo and Cruz - school.