Kim Kardashian should not expect an invite to Downing Street if David Cameron is re-elected as prime minister - even though she is his 13th cousin.

Cameron said he was related to the Kardashian family during an interview with Heat Magazine. "I'm related to them, did you see that? Thirteenth cousin. That's close, isn't it?" he said.

Asked if he planned a family reunion, Cameron added: "I have no plans at the moment."

When it was suggested the magazine could organise such a meeting, Cameron said: "That would be great, thanks."

The Conservative Party leader and the Kardashian family reportedly share an ancestor called Sir William Spencer, who was born back in 1555 in Oxfordshire.

The prime minister was taking time from campaigning for the general election to speak to the magazine in a light-hearted interview.

As well as the Kardashian bombshell, Cameron said he was not "hooked" on any TV show, but had recently watched Sky Atlantic's "Fahrenheit" and that he prefers brown sauce to red.

He added he runs a two-mile course twice a week but does not listen to music because he's a man and "can't do two things at once."

Elsewhere in the interview, Cameron said he would not be following in the footsteps of former PM Tony Blair and appear in the magazine's Torso of the Week section. "I will never be a contender. There is no chance of that."