It may not have won him many political brownie points but it seems David Cameron's addiction to the game Fruit Ninja did at least help the Australian company who created it.

David Cameron Fruit Ninja Obsession Causes Minor Sales Boost

According to games developer HalfBrick, which also makes Jetpack Joyride and Monster Dash, news that David Cameron was a Fruit Ninja fanatic caused a minor jump in sales.

"In terms of the David Cameron thing, sales did rise but only by a small amount," a spokesman for Half Brick told IBTimes UK.

"That's about all I can tell you though, as we don't reveal sales on a daily or weekly basis. We do release total figures occasionally though - such as the 300 million Fruit Ninja download total."

Cameron was outed as a lover of the videogame by one of his senior advisers, who told the Telegraph the PM spent "a crazy, scary amount of time playing Fruit Ninja on his iPad".

The accidental leak about his gaming habits came after Cameron requested a customised app so he could keep up to date with information such as unemployment figures.

A recent biography of Cameron written by Francis Elliott and James Hanning described his relaxation techniques and lead to the term 'chillaxing' being used to describe his downtime.

In May 2012 Cameron called shadow chancellor Ed Balls a "muttering idiot" after Balls allegedly repeated calls for Cameron to "chillax" and "have another glass of wine".