The Confederation of British Industry Conference or CBI is known as 'the' premier event in the UK business calendar where leading politicians and expert speakers from the world of business, finance and education put forth their vision for the future. And this year's conference theme of "Forging a New Economic Future" comes at a time when business is at the heart of the public's focus on the drive towards economic recovery.

David Cameron speaking at the conference urged bureaucrats to use the same spirit that was needed to defeat Hitler during the Second World War, in order to get the economy back on track. Mr Cameron warned the country is at the "economic equivalent of war." He also planned to cut excessive red tape, reducing bureaucratic hurdles for British businesses and cut back on the "massive growth industry" in legal challenges to government policy.

Today's conference will also be addressed by the coalition Government's Business Secretary Vince Cable, as well as opposition Labour party leader Ed Miliband and London mayor Boris Johnson.

Written and presented by Ann Salter