Great Britain v Australia
Great Britain beat Australia to win a place in the Davis Cup finals for the first time since 1978. They will meet Belgium over the weekend. Getty

Brussels may be on a security lockdown as it is placed on the highest security alert but the Flemish Tennis Federation has said that the Davis Cup final will go on as scheduled. The final, which will see the UK go against Belgium, is due to start on Friday in Ghent, 35 miles away from Brussels.

"Everything is continuing because we believe it will go on," said the FTF. Gijs Kooken, the chief executive of the federation told BBC that he has "not yet had a signal that it's not safe to organise the event."

He continued: "It is an event with international exposure, with 13,000 spectators a day, so it is a risk event, of course, in the current situation - but I's very confident in our government. Of course you never can predict what will happen next, but I would be surprised if it was cancelled. I'm quite confident that we will play next weekend."

The International Tennis Federation has said it is "greatly concerned" by developments in Belgium but that preparations for the finals will continue. Although the terror alert level in Ghent is at category three, sporting events such as the Ghent Six, an annual cycling competition was held over the weekend.

The security level in Ghent is the same as in London, the BBC notes. The British team however has delayed their flight to Belgium from 22 November to Monday (23 November) due to the security situation in the city.

The Davis Cup finals will be closely watched as both Great Britain and Belgium have made history by reaching the finals. The last time Great Britain managed to reach the finals was in 1978 and Great Britain took home the cup last in 1936. For Belgium, this will be its first finals in 111 years.

The finals will start from 27 November to 29 November and will be played on clay courts at the 13,000-seat Flanders Expo. Seats for all three days are sold out with more than 1,000 British fans expected to arrive in Ghent for the finals.

UK's squad will comprise Andy Murray, Jamie Murray, Kyle Edmund, Dominic Inglot and James Ward. They are due to hold their first practice at the Flanders Expo on Monday afternoon. The team can expect to have tight security throughout their stay there.

Not surprisingly, sniffer dogs and explosive experts will be attendance at the venue. Spectators can anticipate body searches and will have to leave their bags in lockers outside the entrance to the venue as a security measure.

Tim Henman cancels trip to Ghent

Tim Henman
Henman pulls out of attending the finals with his family over security concerns.

Former British number one Tim Henman has cancelled his plans to attend the finals with his family, citing security concerns. Instead, Henman, who was due to travel with his three girls to Ghent, has decided to watch the finals from their home.

"I was going to take the three girls, I was going to go with my family. With the train and the going over there, I just thought, 'Is it really worth the hassle for them. So we are going to be watching at home," he told local newspapers.