Brazilian protesters took to the sands of Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach on Sunday (June 23) to rally against controversial legislation that opponents believe could hinder federal prosecutors from investigating political wrongdoing.

The demonstrations that have swept Brazil in the last several days have been the country's largest in 20 years.

The first protest, early last week, began over a transportation fare hike. Since then, activists have rallied over a variety of social issues including a growing dissatisfaction over the amount of corruption that has long plagued the political system.

The current administration under President Dilma Rousseff has made corruption a priority but protesters on Copacabana feel this new piece of legislation, known as PEC 37, will threaten further anti-corruption measures.

If passed, opponents believe PEC 37 could limit federal prosecutors' power to investigate political wrongdoing.

This weekend's protests were, for the most part, tamer and smaller in size than those that rocked the country last week.

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