Disney World
A week at Disney World costs families between $4,280 and $42,460. Craig Adderley/Pexels

The rising rate of inflation in recent years has led to several cost-conscious Americans complaining that a Disney World vacation is becoming too expensive.

According to a Bloomberg News analysis conducted last year, while the cost fluctuates depending on the hotel they stay in and the park activities they choose to pay for, a family of four planning a week-long holiday to Disney in Orlando should budget between $4,280 to a staggering $42,460.

The Wall Street Journal also highlighted a new trend last month. Instead of spending lavish vacations at Disney or Universal, millennials are choosing to take their families to smaller amusement parks like Great Wolf Lodge, a chain of family resorts located all across the US. Golf Wolf Lodge offers a range of family attractions and indoor water parks.

How Inflation Is Affecting The Most Magical Place On Earth

According to a survey published last month by the personal finance website FinanceBuzz, Disney World's food prices have also increased by an average of 61 per cent over the last decade - almost twice the rate of inflation during that same time.

According to Disney's current price list, a Magic Kingdom admittance ticket could set you back as much as $189 per person. In addition, visitors who want to visit all four Orlando-area parks in one day must pay up to $252 per person. Disney has also implemented a line-skipping system that allows guests to skip the line and pay to go to their rides faster on busier days.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Orlando
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are currently facing a $50,000 lawsuit for a count of negligence for an incident in Typhoon Lagoon last October 2019. Reuters / OCTAVIO JONES

A Detroit-based businessman who wanted to take his family on a Disney World vacation was shocked when he found that a resort stay ticket and theme park admission would set him back $12,000.

JT Singh is a franchise owner, investment banker, accountant, and merger and acquisition advisor. In a statement posted on X, formerly Twitter, Singh asked if he was being "scammed" by Disney for what seemed like an "obnoxiously expensive" holiday.

Singh claims that a travel agent told the family that two rooms at the Polynesian Village Resort, which may cost up to $600 per night depending on availability, would cost more than $12,000.

"Am I being scammed, or is Disney really this obnoxiously expensive?" Singh wrote.

As of last week, Singh's X post has received more than 4,800 comments, 475 reposts, 5,800 likes, and 728 saves.

Singh's tweet drew criticism from commenters towards Disney and its outrageous costs. One X user, known as Whitney Shepherd, responded to the post with: "Disney is a legit scam. It's truly insane."

Another account, named Dodrinkthewater, wrote: "Wait till you see the food bill staying at a Disney hotel..."

"That's truly the cost. It's ridiculous! Go buy a house," a user named Breakcheck added.

However, a different commenter, known as Brian Dukes on X, noted that while "it is that obnoxiously expensive," he and his family "always come back with incredible memories."

In the comments section, X users quickly mentioned that the Polynesian Village Resort is one of the theme park's most expensive accommodation options. Touringplans.com also names the Polynesian, home to three white sand beaches, a pool complex and quick access to the Magic Kingdom, as one of the most expensive choices for Disney World vacationers. The website suggests that a stay at the Polynesian would cost families between $691 and $5,825.