Disney World
Remote workers have been basing themselves out of Disney World in Florida since the pandemic. Craig Adderley/Pexels

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a shift to a remote working model, liberating individuals from the confines of traditional office spaces. This newfound freedom allowed them to set up their workstations wherever they felt most comfortable, be it at home or in unconventional locations like Disney World.

Whilst most remote workers base themselves out of their own home or apartment, some have taken the extraordinary step to complete their work in Disney World.

The theme park in Orlando, Florida, has appealed to writers, bloggers, social media staff, travel agents and content creators, as all they require for their work is typically just their laptop and a reliable internet connection.

The trend of working remotely from Disney World began in 2022 as there was a greater urge to be outside after the restrictions people endured during the pandemic. The availability of technology and the park's commitment to providing a digital-friendly environment have been instrumental in making this trend possible.

Former Business Insider writer Jenna Clark attests to the inspiring environment of Disney World, which she found to be a catalyst for her creativity and productivity as a remote worker.

During Clark's experiences of working remotely at the park, she found the constant flock of new people walking through the site and the unique decorations and music surrounding her helpful.

For instance, she once found inspiration for a travel blog post from a conversation she overheard between two families. The setting allowed her to get the most out of her brainstorming and researching skills, which was essential for her job as a writer.

She also realised that being surrounded by all the attractions that Disney World offers boosted her productivity levels. Her motivation to be efficient and complete her tasks was driven by being able to treat herself to one of the parks' many experiences.

However, Clark did note that due to the food being expensive and of no great value at restaurants in the park, it would be better to bring a self-packed meal instead on some occasions. She also mentioned that the park can get crowded, especially during peak times, which might not be conducive to focused work. These are some of the challenges that remote workers at Disney World need to consider.

Disney Food Blog writer AJ Wolfe has witnessed the rise in remote workers basing themselves out of Disney World. Giving her thoughts on why this trend has taken off, she told NBC News: "Lines are blurring between conventional workspaces and leisure time across the board. I think people are looking to adopt a situation where they can work while they're experiencing something they enjoy."

Despite this popular method of remote work taking off, not everyone sees the benefits, and people have criticised those who work at Disney World. Last month, one individual who shared their experience of working from a cafe in the EPCOT section of the park was criticised for doing so.

Some argued that the park should be a place for leisure and not work, while others felt that the remote worker was occupying space that could be used by park visitors.

Users on Reddit stated that the remote worker was occupying the space where some of the park's visitors would want to sit. This was despite the cafe appearing largely empty when the person revealed their work setting.

Disney World has become a more convenient work setting for people who only require their electronic devices to work. Many of the cafes and counter-service restaurants in the park have accessible charging points, whilst places such as EPCOT provide the latest wireless charging ports.

Whilst the extra charging spots have been installed mostly so people can always access the Disney World App on their phones, Wolfe believes it also shows Disney World has embraced people coming to work at the park.

She stated: "I think they probably realised that would also benefit folks who have just moved to Orlando to be closer to the parks and need some place to work." However, it's worth noting that the park is careful to ensure that remote workers do not disrupt the visitor experience, and they are encouraged to work in designated areas to maintain the park's atmosphere.