A new report has suggested that Britons are understating their calorie consumption, something that could mean health policy has had the wrong focus when it comes to tackling obesity. The report from the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) said the calories counted in official statistics are "too low to sustain our current weight".

Reported calorie intake has fallen over time but obesity has risen, according to the report. The researchers also looked at whether a decrease in physical activity could be the driver behind rising obesity levels but said that for this to be true, adults in the UK would have to have reduced their walking time by 3.5 hours a day since the 1970s.

If official statistics for calorie intake are as off as the researchers suggest, it could mean public policy needs to be reconsidered. The report recommends that the reduction of calorie consumption should play a central, important part of any obesity strategy.

Here at IBTimes UK, we like to get to the bottom of things. Do the great British public just not know their Kcal from their KJ? Are we all just humming around on scooters like the humans from Wall-E, never walking anywhere?

If you think you're good at sticking to your daily allowance, prove it. Do you know how many calories are in these foods?