Dogecoin Proves its Worth with Generosity and Kindness
Dogecoin has this week proved that there is space for a crypto-currency aside from bitcoin. CC

Dogecoin is experiencing its moment in the sun this week with the community around the dog-based crypto-currency raising more than $30,000 for the Jamaican bobsled team in less than 48 hours to help them get to the Winder Olympics in Sochi next month.

However the community around Dogecoin has been active since the crypto-currency was launched at the beginning of December and just as the meme on which Dogecoin was based spawned thousands of pieces of fan art, the crypto-currency is no different.

Here we pick 10 of our favourite creations including images based on the Jamaican bobsled team and of course Dogecoin's ambition to get "to the moon."

Dogecoin to the moon

This image sums up where all Shibes (the nickname given to Dogecoin devotees) want Dogecoin to the moon.

Dogecoin to the Moon

..and it's a theme which we have seen repeated over and over among Dogecoin devotees:

Dogecoin to the Moon

Getting to the moon will of course require a rocket and while some Shibes believe they might get there with NASA's help...

Dogecoin NASA

....others seem to think that it could be help from one of the old Eastern bloc countries which gets them where they want to go:

Dogecoin Cosmonaut

Dogecoin anxiety

One of the biggest problems with crypto-currencies is the wild fluctuations they suffer on a daily basis, and Dogecoin is no different, with the market value of the coins jumping $40 million in just 24 hours this week. This image - based on Edvard Munch's The Scream - sums up the anxiety some Dogecoin owners suffer due to these fluctuations:

Doge Scream

Others, though, take a more relaxed attitude to Dogecoin, here playing on the generosity of its community using the character of Fry from Futurama:

Dogecoin and Futurama

Some have even reimagined what the world would look like if Dogecoin ruled Hollywood:

  • The Doge of Wall Street
Doge of Wall Street

and of course...

  • Dogeball
Doge of Wall Street

Jamaican Dogesled team

Dogecoin and the Jamaican bobseld team seem to be a perfect fit. And now, following the huge fundraising effort on the part of the Dogecoin community, this week, it looks like they have become the Jamican's biggest fans, with this piece of art reflecting that partnership perfectly:

Jamaican Dogesled Team

Nyan Doge

Of course no meme-based effort would be complete without a reference to possibly the biggest meme of all, Nyan Cat. And so here for your viewing pleasure is Nyan Doge