US President Donald Trump will mark his first 100 days in office on 29 April and Google Trends has released a list of what topped its search during the period.

While Russia, immigration and North Korea were no surprises, terms like the Affordable Care Act also featured on the list. Google Trends posted a GIF showing how search for some topics spiked as events unfolded, while others remained more or less constant.

Russia was one of the dominating search terms due to news about Moscow's alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections. Event-based searches increased when Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser, resigned and there was increased focus on Trump's aides' alleged links with the Kremlin.

Similarly, search for the word immigration and its related phrases increased when the first travel ban on eight Muslim-majority countries' residents were announced. Immigration, in fact, remained a hot search through the 100-day period.

Terms like climate change and Isis, which Trump had talked about several times during his campaign, also made the cut. However, they were relatively low in search volume compared to surprise elements like issues like the Affordable Care Act.

Syria also figured among the search terms but largely became dominant after the US launched a missile strike on a Syrian airbase earlier this month. Similarly, North Korea generated more curiosity after new sanctions were placed on the reclusive nation post missile tests, and US Vice President Mike Pence's visit to South Korea.