Costing around £129 million each, with the ability to carry around 800 people passengers, The Dreamliner's tipped to be the future of commercial aviation, but the Boeing 787 plane has been dogged by no end of technical problems of late. And – instead of flying passengers around the world – this is one of a fleet lying idle in Takamatsu in Western Japan, grounded after a dramatic emergency landing. The issue? A battery error, which triggered a warning to the pilot. The battery was the same one in a fire last week on another Dreamliner at an American airport last week.

This man said "As we were going down for the emergency landing, the cabin attendant's voice was actually shaking so I realized that this was actually pretty bad."

All Nippon Airways (ANA) said all 17 of its 787s have been grounded and they will be checking them with a view to possibly resuming flights tomorrow. Meanwhile Japan Airlines has suspended all of today's scheduled 787 flights. A Transport Ministry Official described the incident as 'highly serious'.

Stocks and shares of Dreamliner suppliers and the airlines all dipped in light of the news. Airline analysts reckon if Boeing can rectify problems quickly the impact on their business could be limited.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole