A Canadian startup has invented a pint-size portable washing machine that is foot-powered and doesn't require any source of electricity.

The Yirego Drumi is a 22-inch tall washing machine that resembles a slightly tall rice cooker. It can easily be picked up and carried or stored in a suitcase or car boot, and it is designed for people who go camping or need to wash their clothes but don't have a washing machine or laundrette nearby.

The Drumi is capable of washing and spin drying up to seven garments at one time and uses about nine litres of water per washing load and a bit of detergent.

And in case you're worried about having to pedal for too long, the machine only takes a total of five minutes of pedalling in total, split into three cycles for wash, rinse and spin dry.

"Many people around the world rely on hand washing their undergarments and personal items. Also, there are more than one million residents living in high-rise apartments across the GTA that do not have access to private laundry facilities," Yirego writes on its website.

"Because of this, many pressing issues are encountered at the public laundromat such as a lack of personal hygiene, time consumption, lack of mobility, energy costs, and damaged or lost clothing."

The firm says that the Drumi is made from 40% recycled materials, and that it uses 80% less water and detergent than a conventional washing machine. Yirego also claims the Drumi is more hygienic than laundromats.

Yirego has won several awards for its Drumi invention, including a First Place competition medal from the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario and Best Canadian Design from the Canadian Design Resource.

The Drumi washing machine will be launched in summer 2015, but the company is accepting pre-orders from Canadian and US residents. Once it goes on sale, the Drumi will retail at $169 (£109.20).