The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on their way back to the UK ending a nine-day Diamond Jubilee tour of south-east Asia and the South Pacific.

The couple were given a colourful farewell from the remote Pacific Island of Tuvalu. Which was the last stop off on their tour. During the farewell ceremony The Duke and Duchess viewed two "fateles" performed by the Island Community of Niutao and were presented with gifts according to Tuvaluan custom (known as "alofa"). At the end of the ceremony the couple were then driven to the airport to head back home.

The Jubilee tour has been overshadowed by the row over topless paparazzi photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, which were published to lurid headlines in the French magazine Closer. After the publication of the pictures, legal wrangling ensued. In the latest twist of the story on Tuesday a Paris court, has now banned, the French magazine from re-publishing the pictures of Catherine and ordered it to hand over the originals.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter