The Dutch General Election on 15 March 2017 could deliver another resounding blow to the European Union and the global established order, with far-right populist leader Geert Wilders ahead in the latest polls.

Wilders, the leader of anti-EU and anti-immigration Party for Freedom, is predicted to win close to 30 of the 150 parliamentary seats, according to a recent poll.

A political victory for the PVV could pose a serious threat to the survival of the European project, with Wilders promising a referendum on EU membership.

Wilders main opponent is Prime Minister Mark Rutte who recently ruled out forming a coalition with the PVV leader.

Dutch citizens who live abroad and wish to vote in the General Election should register online or apply to vote by proxy before the end of 1 February.

How can Dutch citizens living abroad register online to vote in General Election?

How can Dutch citizens living abroad apply to vote by proxy in General Election?