The international finalists of the 2014 Dyson Award have been announced, with Dyson engineers selecting 20 projects to compete for the $45,000 (£28,000) prize set to be announced on 6 November.

This year's finalists include a bioreactive food expiry label that goes off at the same rate as the food, a smartphone app that can provide eye prescriptions, and a solar-powered self-filling water bottle that collects air moisture, condenses it and stores it as safe drinking water.

Dyson award finalist
Spokefuge is a low-tech centrifuge alternative that allows anaemic patients to be diagnosed in rural areas. (Spokefuge)
dyson award HAND
HAND is a hand surgery simulator used to teach students surgical procedures. (HAND)
COMP*PASS dyson award
COMP*PASS is a drawing tool that allows users to create different shapes and figures by digitally regulating the radius of the pen. (COMP*PASS)
qolo dyson awards
Japan national winner QOLO is an "assistive device" that allows upright locomotion and sit-to-stand transfer. (QOLO)
eyecheck dyson
Eyecheck provides low-cost vision care in developing countries by providing prescriptions using a smartphone app, standalone camera and server-side image processing. (Eyecheck)
bumpmark dyson
Bump Mark, a bio-reactive food expiry label, won the UK round of the award last month. (Bump Mark)
fontus dyson
Fontus is a solar-powered, self-filling water bottle that collects air moisture, condenses it and stores it as safe drinking water. (Fontus)
UFLEX Come press dyson
Aimed at outdoor explorers, Uflex is a one-handed anti-hemorrhage device that staunches bleeding. (UFlex)
remora dyson
National winner in Spain, Remora is a biodegradable system that uses a smartphone app to reduce the volume of "plastic soup" that floats in the oceans as a result of industrial fishing. (Remora)
luke stairwalker dyson
The Luke Stairwalker is a support device for elderly or disabled people who have problems with climbing stairs. Unlike traditional stair lifts it can be installed in small staircases and is much more cost efficient. (Luke Stairwalker)
packstache dyson
Packtasche is a shopping bag for cyclists designed by cyclists. (Packtasche)
Bruise dyson
BRUISE is an injury detection suit for disabled athletes with loss of sensation, enabling them to see injuries when they happen. (BRUISE)