Dyson has unveiled its first ever vacuum cleaner that eliminates the need for a filter, claiming that the Cinetic Big Ball doesn't lose suction even after ten years of use.

The latest incarnation of Dyson's bagless vacuum cleaner range replaces the filter with vibrating flexible tips that work to single out microscopic dust particles.

dyson cinetic big ball
The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball will cost £460 Dyson

"Removing the bag from a vacuum solved one hassle, but filter maintenance remained an annoying problem that needed fixing," said James Dyson, CEO and founder of Dyson.

"Dyson engineers have spent six years perfecting cyclone technology to make filter maintenance obsolete.

"The constant flexing of Cinetic tips ensures the cyclones do not block as microscopic dust is spun out of the air - not trapped in a cyclone or on a filter."

Dyson spent around £8 million developing the Cinetic Big Ball and engineers conducted around 9,000 hours worth of tests on the Cinetic Big Ball that used the equivalent of 10 years' worth of dust.

The engineers' conclusion was that the machine can maintain a decade of constant suction without ever changing or washing a filter.

An independent survey recently carried out by the German Institute for Quality found that consumers ranked Dyson as the number one vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

The survey focussed on product quality, value for money and the guarantee or warranty offered with the vacuum cleaner.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is available from Dyson's website for £460 and will be on sale at major UK retailers from in March.