Eat more fruits and vegetables for a healthy heart. Reuters

Eating more fruits and vegetables can make our skin glow within a matter of weeks, according to new research.

Researchers from the University of St Andrews have proved that our skin will start glowing naturally if we eat more fruits and vegetables.

Researchers monitored 35 students over a six-week period. They measured the skin tone of the 35 individuals before and after six weeks. During that period, volunteers were requested to eat a five-a-day meal as initially proposed by the National Health Service (NHS). Just by having a five-a-day meal, they found that the 35 volunteers' faces become quite attractive and beautiful, after six weeks.

Five-a-day meal means eating five portions of fruit every day or eating five portions of vegetables (includes salad) every day or eating a mix of fruit and vegetables (including salad) such as two fruit and three vegetables, every day.

Researchers found that just two extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day created a detectable change in skin colour within six weeks. They also believe that larger or more prolonged dietary changes are likely to make the skin look increasingly healthy over time.

"People who eat more fruits and vegetables have a golden skin tone that looks healthy and attractive. Our latest research finds that even small improvements in diet produces visible benefits to skin colour. We were very surprised by how quick the changes were," said Ross Whitehead, researcher at the University of St Andrews, in a statement.

"Although skin colour varies markedly across the world, we find similar effects across different cultures - for Asians and Europeans alike a good diet is associated with an attractive skin tone. The message that a good diet improves skin colour could improve health across the globe," said David Perrett, professor at the University of St Andrews.