Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband Reuters

Ed Miliband went on the attack in his speech to the Labour Party conference. In a speech dominated by the theme of 'One Nation,' Miliband spoke for one hour and five minutes without notes.

'One nation' was his dominant theme, with Miliband using the phrase around 50 times.

He set out a vision of private and public sectors working together, of opportunity for all and of everyone paying their fair share.

Miliband laid into the record of the coalition government since coming to power in 2010.

Miliband derided the government as completely out of touch. In one long outburst Miliband branded the government an "incompetent, out of touch, back-tracking, making-it-up-as-you-go-along, shower."

Britain under Labour would bring in a technical qualification for young people who do not go on to university, vowed Miliband.

He admitted that Labour would not be able to undo all Coalition spending cuts and tax rises. But he promised to kill the NHS reform bil, if Labour wins power in 2015.

Bankers and the very wealthy also came under fire, with Miliband saying to bankers: "we are coming for you." He won the longest applause of his address from delegates for plans to punish banks which fail to reform themselves.

Miliband also bid to draw a line under the past by admitting past mistakes.

He told delegates: "We can't go back to old Labour. Labour must be the party of the private sector as much as the public sector."

New Labour was "too timid" about tackling abuses happening at the top of society.

But Miliband insisted he was right to distance Labour from unions, saying: "there is no future for Labour as the party of one sectional interest of the country."