Ed Miliband
Ed Miliband speaking at the Parliament. Reuters

Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband has defended the Labour Party's decision to support wage freeze for public sector workers by the government.

The Labour leader said it was "a hard choice," but when the choice was between protecting jobs or giving wage hikes, it was "absolutely right to prioritise employment." Miliband was speaking on BBC's Andrew Marr show.

Workers unions have criticised the party stand and accused the party of "emulating the Tories on many issues."

The government in 2010 announced a pay freeze for public sector workers, who were earning more than £21,000, for two years. Again in November 2011, the government added that pay would rise just by 1 percent till 2015.

"It's a hard choice, but when you are faced with the choice between protecting jobs or saying the money should go into pay rises I think it's right to protect jobs," Miliband told Andrew Marr.

"In the end, there's no easy choices in government... I think is absolutely right that we say we've got to prioritise employment."

On January 14, shadow chancellor Ed Balls spoke in favour of pay freeze, which drew criticism from within the party including several Labour MPs.

Reacting to criticism from fellow Labour MPs, Miliband said: "We are absolutely determined that Labour shows we would be fiscally credible in government."

About Prime Minister David Cameron, the leader said the PM was "coming on to my ground" on issues like taking "crony capitalism".

"What gives me confidence is that we are winning the battle of ideas. It's not often you say that about an opposition," he said.

"Why is he coming on to my ground? Because he knows I'm talking about the right issues and the issues that matter to people. That's what gives me confidence."