The far-right English Defence League paid its tribute to murdered soldier Lee Rigby on Saturday 29 June, laying wreaths just yards from the spot where the army drummer was murdered.

The wreaths were transported to Woolwich by car from Whitechapel, just minutes after EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll were arrested.

The wreaths were shown exclusively to IBTimes UK by their three EDL couriers - Roger Firth, Dave Bolton and Helen Gower, Robinson's PA. One of the wreaths, displaying an American flag, had been due to be placed by Pamela Geller, the US preacher who was denied entry to Britain by Theresa May ahead of the march.

The wreaths were laid at the front of Woolwich Barracks, around the corner from where Rigby was brutally murdered by suspected Islamist terrorists on 22 May.

A large mob of EDL supporters were in Woolwich to witness the wreath-laying, and several members happily posed for photographs outside their muster pub.

A lone protester brandishing a bible also visited Woolwich to pay his respects, walking up and down the streets in what he described as a "protest against free speech".

When questioned by IBTimes UK, the man insisted he had no link to the EDL, and was simply a member of his local church. However, he claimed he sympathised with Robinson and Carroll because "hundreds of hate speakers are allowed into the country to preach their stuff, these two people simply wanted to debate and show their respects for what happened here."

After completing his one-man march, the man laid his own tribute to Rigby - a Christian cross.