Apple is due to announce their latest iPhone today, and at Everything Everywhere's rebranding as EE and launch of 4G in the UK yesterday, there was a strong hint that the highly anticipated handset will be available on the network.

CEO Olaf Swantee channelled former Apple boss Steve Jobs when it came to announcing which devices would support 4G in the UK.

When the IB Times UK technology editor David Gilbert pressed Vice President of Business for EE Martin Stiven for more details regarding an iPhone on their network, he hinted that tonight's announcement by Apple would shed more light on the situation.

We already know that Nokia's latest flagship phone the Lumia 920, will be exclusively available on the company's 4G network. Many people watching Apple's conference later today will be eager to see if EE will have a monopoly on a 4G iPhone as well.

Written and Presented by Alfred Joyner