Egypt is in chaos with fires burning in Alexandria. Protestors, seen here, storm the Brotherhood headquarters of the Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, following his decree that presidential decisions cannot be rebuked by any authority - a claim, which has angered thousands who say the President is acting like a pharaoh.

But while the protests were going on, Mursi spoke to his supporters in the The Muslim Brotherhood to compete with the thousands of opponents who are demanding that he quit. This supporter agrees with Mursi and he said:

"Yes, he might be a dictator for the time being or might have unprecedented power throughout this period of two months, but after that, these powers will be transferred to an elected parliament. And regarding the public prosecutor, there aren't two people in Egypt that would have differed in opinions regarding the dismissal of the old prosecutor, so now, all of a sudden, we all love him?"

This crises is set to last a short while yet.

Written and presented by Ann Salter.