Tensions between Israel and Egypt refuse to die down as on Friday hundreds of Egyptians protested outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo to call on the government to expel Israel's ambassador following last week border's incident in which five Egyptian policemen were killed by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

On August 19, IDF soldiers fired across the Israel-Egypt border, killing five policemen, following attacks on a bus and other vehicles that killed eight Israelis.

The demonstration was called "Million-man demonstration to expel the Israeli ambassador," but the turnout was actually lower than first expected.

"The people want the right of our martyrs in Sinai be regained," protesters, holding the Egyptian flags, chanted outside the embassy amid tight security, while others shouted "The people's first demand is to have the ambassador evicted," Haaretz reported.

Other reports also suggest a protester shot in the air and managed to leave the scene before police could arrest him, according to witnesses.

The demonstration came after Egyptian activist Ahmed Shahhat, managed to get on the roof of the embassy Sunday morning and removed the Israeli to replace it with an Egyptian flag.