Images shared on Chinese social media platform Weibo documented the escapades of a herd of wild elephants in Yunnan province, China. The herd of 14 elephants raided homes in Menghai County on March 11. Not only did the elephants target the homes for food, but also sought out wine made from corn. After raiding two winemakers' stocks, the elephants were seen escaping to a nearby tea garden. Two male elephants were seen taking a drunken nap there.

The hungry and thirsty herd of elephants entered the village in south-western China. Going from home to home, the elephants ate whatever they could get their trunks on.

Residents of the village Li Yuncong and Wang Xiangdong reported that the elephants damaged their corn storage as well as vats in which the grain was fermented to make alcohol. Around 30 litres of the corn wine was guzzled down by the group of raiders.

People already in lockdown did not get in the way of the elephants, allowing them to go around the village with ease. No harm was caused to human life but many villagers reported damage to their property and belongings. Homes were left with broken doors, windows, and solar panels. Storage vats were also damaged by the wild animals.

After a very successful raid, the elephants escaped to a nearby tea garden. Menghai Forestry and Grassland Administration shared images of the happy animals resting in the tea garden with their backs to each other. While people claimed that the elephants were having a nap after getting buzzed, the forestry department denies the claim, The Sun reported.

Xishuangbana, Yunnan, China. 11 March, a herd of 14 elephants went to village. Looking for corn and other foodstuffs. Apparently, They also polished 30 KG of corn whisky!
Two of the males got completely drunk, and made themselves a pair of cutest internet sensation in China.

— HGS Dhaliwal (@hgsdhaliwalips) March 18, 2020

Long Yunhai, deputy director of the Menghai Forestry and Grassland Administration, claimed that the elephants damaged the vats of grain alcohol but it is unclear if they drank from it. Yunhai believes that the two resting bulls were sober. They were apparently just tired after the raid.

Whether the elephants nursed a hangover headache after their nap remains unknown.

A herd of elephants raided a village in China and got drunk on corn wine. REUTERS/Pedja Stanisic