Elon Musk is certainly too busy to notice all the messages that are sent to him. However, a game developer got a response from the world's richest man by doing one simple task every single day without getting tired - just keep tweeting!

Social media is going bananas over the outrageously effective method that a game developer from Russia employed to finally get "THE" Elon Musk to notice him.

News18 revealed that for 154 days, Layabout Vladimirov, a game developer, relentlessly tweeted Musk, asking the latter's permission to use the logo and company name in a game that he was developing.

His tweet read: "Dear Elon, I'm a game dev. and I am making a game about colonizing Mars with you and SpaceX in it. If you think it's cool, all I need is the "Go ahead" to use your name and Logos. I will post this every day for a year or until I get a Yes or a No! 154 / 365."

The number 154 might be the lucky digits for Vladimirov after all, because it was his 154th tweet that got his much-yearned for response from Musk.

"You can steal our name/logos & we probably won't sue you.," said Musk.

"Thanks man! Good enough for me," Republic World noted as Vladimirov's reply.

Since he received the response on Jan. 13, the favorite number of Taylor Swift might truly be lucky after all.

Vladimirov was developing "Mars Is Flat," which he described as a highly technical Mars survival stimulator. The game features SpaceX and also Elon Musk. In late December, the game's website already showed that he had made a SpaceX-inspired costume for the game. That was even before getting Musk's permission.

On Jan. 15, Vladimirov made a succeeding tweet, this time around, it was a declaration that he wanted to give 80 percent of the profits of the game to SpaceX. He said that this way, the game will also serve an important purpose.

He received a lot of responses from Twitter users because of his generous tweet.

"I want to give 80% of the game profits to SpaceX. That way the game will not only serve the important purpose of entertaining people and sparking their interest in Mars, but it will actually help @elonmusk and SpaceX achieve it. Btw more dev. progress updates coming soon," tweeted Vladimirov.

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Game developer finally catches attention of Elon Musk. Photo: Unsplash