Elon Musk SpaceX
Elon Musk’s SpaceX had made its first X post from Starlink satellite In space Wikimedia Commons

Elon Musk-led SpaceX recently announced on its social media account that it successfully sent the first-ever X post from space using its Starlink satellites, which can connect directly to cell phones.

This landmark comes days after SpaceX successfully sent its first text messages (SMS) via Starlink satellites. The astronautics company reportedly aims to provide cell phone service globally and launch its Direct to Cell service to customers later in 2024.

In a new historic feat, SpaceX has managed to send a post to Musk's social media platform X via one of orbiting Direct to Cell satellites, reaching Musk's social media platform, X. The post itself stated: "This post was sent through a SpaceX Direct to Cell satellite in space."

The X post had an emoji of a satellite and a timestamp of 1 a.m. EST. Ben Longmier, Sr. Director, Satellite Engineering at SpaceX, confirming it was the company's first-ever X post via the satellites. "The SpaceX team just completed the first post on X from a phone to one of our Direct to Cell satellites," he wrote on X.

The post featured a picture of a tree cover in a "small valley in the Santa Cruz Mountains" when the team was exchanging direct messages (or DMs) on X. It is still unclear whether Longmier's post or the team's DM were transmitted through the satellites, or whether the SpaceX post itself was sent from the same location with similar forested conditions.

SpaceX paves the way for worldwide cellphone coverage

Musk retweeted the post, adding: "This post was made from a regular mobile phone directly using the SpaceX satellite, without any special equipment." This emphasises the technology's user-friendliness, as it does not require any sort of hardware modifications on the phone.

"The team is really making progress," Longmier said in response to Musk's X post celebrating the milestone. "Also interesting that these sats have by far the strongest cell signal at my house, just 15 miles outside the heart of Silicon Valley," Longmier added.

As per a GizChina report, SpaceX received a license to test Starlink's communication with smartphones back in 2023, paving the way for this recent achievement. This built upon their success in January, where they demonstrated seamless phone-to-phone communication without relying on traditional base stations.

Musk and his astronautics company have been vocal about their plans to offer worldwide internet coverage beamed down from their expanding constellation of Starlink satellites. Starlink currently offers internet services to the public and has played a key role in Ukraine's defence against Russia's invasion. On the downside, it requires specialised equipment like a satellite dish.

Notably, Musk recently received a Nobel Peace Prize nomination from Norwegian lawmaker Marius Nilsen, who cited the billionaire's role in helping Ukraine in its war against Russia through Starlink. However, Musk later restricted Ukraine's access to Starlink in a bid to prevent World War III.