Alistair Cook
England's captain Alastair Cook says he wants to continue to lead the side. Reuters

Alastair Cook has refused to stand down as captain of England despite Kevin Pietersen calling for him to give up the coveted position.

England have now gone 10 tests without a win and pressure is building as they look to come back from a 1-0 score line against India in the current five-match series.

Pietersen questioned Cook's drive for the role as England consider how to get back to their best but the current captain insisted that he is not affected by what former players and commentators are currently saying about the side and his own performances.

"It would be much nicer if they we saying nice things about me," he said. "They have been through it themselves. Does it affect me? I'm quite a strong-willed guy who doesn't take much notice really of the media.

"I've got to concentrate on myself in these next five days and not what people are saying from the commentary box."

Cook also insisted that so long as he feels he can continue as England captain and the selectors are happy with him, nothing will change in this test series at least.

"I'm desperate to carry on because I love being England captain. It's a huge honour and when I first took the job I wanted to throw everything into it.

"Until that time where I don't feel I can carry on doing it or someone taps me on the shoulder then that's what I'm going to do.

"It's been a tough summer. The frustrating thing is that we've been getting ourselves in situations where we've been ahead of the game but haven't been able to force the result. So we must be doing a lot of things really well. But in the crucial sessions where we've needed to stamp our authority, we haven't done it."

Cook also outlined an action plan to prove his critics wrong, explaining: "I've got to stay true to myself and say how good it would be I can come through this as a person, as a player, as a leader.

"Every guy (in the squad) I have spoken to has (supported me). Unless they are lying to their face....

"The good news is that in a five-match series you have got time to bounce back. You get judged at the end of the series."