South Africa vs England

  • England won the toss and chose to bowl in Mumbai.
  • Proteas finish on 229/4
  • Joe Root leads England to a record-breaking run chase.
Joe Root
Joe Root at the crease Getty


That's it, all over in Mumbai! England have pulled off one of the most unlikely run chases in recent years.

Jason Roy and Joe Root have taken their team to an incredible triumph. What an amazing game of cricket, too.

Moeen Ali punched the winning runs down the ground and England are still in the tournament.

Joe Root was the key man
Joe Root was the key man Getty Images


Wicket: CJ Jordan c Duminy b Abbott 5

Would you believe it? He only needed one run, but falls as the iconic moment beckons.

South Africa celebrate
South Africa celebrate Getty Images


Over 19: England 229/6

Joe Root falls in pursuit of glory. But Moeen Ali steps up, lashing the ball through midwicket.

The scores are level by the end of the over, meaning England are on the cusp of a famous and historic victory.


Wicket: JE Root c Miller b Rabada 83

Another twist, as Root is caught in the deep!

A brilliant knock from the right-hander but he hasn't managed to see it through. Will his teammates do it for him?

Joe Root at the crease
Joe Root at the crease Getty Images


Over 18: England 219/5

Amazing scenes in Mumbai! England are within touching distance of a record-breaking run chase in the World T20.

Root and Moeen both find the boundary - and they can taste victory now.


Over 17: England 202/5

Four and six to start the over from Joe Root. Brilliant stuff from the Yorkshireman. England require just over nine runs per over now.

This has been a thrilling run chase, irrespective of what happens from here.


Over 16: England 188/5

A neat over from Tahir, but crucially, he has been bowled out now. It will be seam from here on in - much to England's relief.

Root is still at the crease and he will be looking to guide them home from here.


Wicket: JC Buttler st †de Kock b Imran Tahir 21

A twist in the tail? Perhaps.

Tahir has the big-hitting Buttler as England get to within sight of victory.

South Africa\'s players celebrate
South Africa\'s players celebrate a wicket Getty Images


Over 15: England 183/4

Joe Root moves to 50 with a reverse-sweep off the fast bowler. A brilliant innings from a brilliant young player, who is leading the England charge.

What a player he has become.


Over 14: England 170/4

We said England need ten per over. Well, that's exactly what they get from the next over from Tahir.

The runs come courtesy of wides, singles and twos. This monumental chase is within reach at this moment in time.


Over 13: England 160/4

Dale Steyn returns and is searching for form, still. This isn't where you'd want to be if you're short of cricket and Root/Buttler manage to take another 12 from that set of six.

England require exactly ten an over now.


Over 12: 148/4

Another over of 15 runs! England are starting to believe they can pull off this minor miracle, which is what it would be.

They are starting to find the fence with some frequency, too. If Buttler really gets going...


Over 11: England 133/4

A great over for England, that. They get 15 from it, including a six and a four - England are still in this.

Eoin Morgan struggled to find the boundary
Eoin Morgan struggled to find the boundary Getty Images


Over 10: England 118/4

Right, England's master blaster Jos Buttler is at the crease now. They'll need some fireworks from him to win the game from here.

Meanwhile, Root finally manages to smack Duminy to the boundary. That's a much-needed six.


Wicket: EJG Morgan b Duminy 12

The captain goes. And in truth, so slow was his scoring rate, that might just be a blessing for England, who are now in a race against time.

Anyway, he was bowled by the part-time off-spin of JP Duminy, who is enjoying a cracking day.


Over 9: England 109/3

More singles - it's just not enough. England need to find the fence, especially as they have Buttler still in the hutch.

Do they have a hero in their ranks?

Joe Root
Joe Root at the crease Getty


Over 8: England 103/3

JP Duminy is South Africa's second spinner. England must go after the part-timer in this game.

They can't get him away, though. And in the end his over costs just seven. A good over from him.

England need boundaries.

Alex Hales was the first man togo
Alex Hales was the first man to go Getty Images


Over 7: England 96/3

Leg-spinner Imran Tahir comes into the attack and England seem happy to nudge and nurdle for the moment.

It's all singles and twos, which isn't really enough.

The question is: how will Tahir go in comparison to England's spinners, Mooen and Rashid?


Over 6: England 89/3

So, a run-packed powerplay for England. But having already lost three wickets, they could do with establishing a partnership.

Having said that, it's not easy to do when the required run rate is somewhere near ten per over.

Eoin Morgan at number five, meaning still no Jos Buttler.

Jason Roy blitzed the ball
Jason Roy blitzed the ball Getty Images


Wicket: BA Stokes c Morris b Rabada 15

England are more than up with the require rate at the minute, but wickets are starting to tumble.

It's the big-hitting Ben Stokes who has now perished. Rabada, a mightily impressive young bowler, has his man after being smashed for an enormous six.

Stokes hit a full-toss straight to the man on the fence.


Over 5: England 79/2

Roy found the boundary with a scooped six. But he gives away his wicket shortly afterwards.

Joe Root has joined Ben Stokes out in the middle now.


Wicket: JJ Roy c †de Kock b Abbott 43

Jason Roy falls in the pursuit of more quick runs, but what an innings from the young man.

He has at least given England a glimmer of hope of pulling off the improbable. Roy scored 43 off just 16 balls.

In the end, he tried to scoop it to the boundary but could only find the keeper.

Jason Roy was in blistering form
Jason Roy was in blistering form Getty Images


Over 4: England 65/1

Stokes gets his first boundary but that's a decent effort from Rabada in the context of this game.

He's put a brief stop on the scoring with some full, fast yorkers.


Over 3: England 56/1

England lose their first wicket - but Jason Roy is refusing to slow down. He hooks another six into the stands.

What an amazing game of cricket we've already witnessed.