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South Africa vs England

  • England won the toss and chose to bowl in Mumbai.
  • Proteas finish on 229/4
  • Joe Root leads England to a record-breaking run chase.
Joe Root
Joe Root at the crease Getty


That's it, all over in Mumbai! England have pulled off one of the most unlikely run chases in recent years.

Jason Roy and Joe Root have taken their team to an incredible triumph. What an amazing game of cricket, too.

Moeen Ali punched the winning runs down the ground and England are still in the tournament.

Joe Root was the key man
Joe Root was the key man Getty Images

Wicket: CJ Jordan c Duminy b Abbott 5

Would you believe it? He only needed one run, but falls as the iconic moment beckons.

South Africa celebrate
South Africa celebrate Getty Images

Over 19: England 229/6

Joe Root falls in pursuit of glory. But Moeen Ali steps up, lashing the ball through midwicket.

The scores are level by the end of the over, meaning England are on the cusp of a famous and historic victory.

Wicket: JE Root c Miller b Rabada 83

Another twist, as Root is caught in the deep!

A brilliant knock from the right-hander but he hasn't managed to see it through. Will his teammates do it for him?

Joe Root at the crease
Joe Root at the crease Getty Images

Over 18: England 219/5

Amazing scenes in Mumbai! England are within touching distance of a record-breaking run chase in the World T20.

Root and Moeen both find the boundary - and they can taste victory now.

Over 17: England 202/5

Four and six to start the over from Joe Root. Brilliant stuff from the Yorkshireman. England require just over nine runs per over now.

This has been a thrilling run chase, irrespective of what happens from here.

Over 16: England 188/5

A neat over from Tahir, but crucially, he has been bowled out now. It will be seam from here on in - much to England's relief.

Root is still at the crease and he will be looking to guide them home from here.

Wicket: JC Buttler st †de Kock b Imran Tahir 21

A twist in the tail? Perhaps.

Tahir has the big-hitting Buttler as England get to within sight of victory.

South Africa's players celebrate
South Africa's players celebrate a wicket Getty Images

Over 15: England 183/4

Joe Root moves to 50 with a reverse-sweep off the fast bowler. A brilliant innings from a brilliant young player, who is leading the England charge.

What a player he has become.

Over 14: England 170/4

We said England need ten per over. Well, that's exactly what they get from the next over from Tahir.

The runs come courtesy of wides, singles and twos. This monumental chase is within reach at this moment in time.

Over 13: England 160/4

Dale Steyn returns and is searching for form, still. This isn't where you'd want to be if you're short of cricket and Root/Buttler manage to take another 12 from that set of six.

England require exactly ten an over now.

Over 12: 148/4

Another over of 15 runs! England are starting to believe they can pull off this minor miracle, which is what it would be.

They are starting to find the fence with some frequency, too. If Buttler really gets going...

Over 11: England 133/4

A great over for England, that. They get 15 from it, including a six and a four - England are still in this.

Eoin Morgan struggled to find the boundary
Eoin Morgan struggled to find the boundary Getty Images

Over 10: England 118/4

Right, England's master blaster Jos Buttler is at the crease now. They'll need some fireworks from him to win the game from here.

Meanwhile, Root finally manages to smack Duminy to the boundary. That's a much-needed six.

Wicket: EJG Morgan b Duminy 12

The captain goes. And in truth, so slow was his scoring rate, that might just be a blessing for England, who are now in a race against time.

Anyway, he was bowled by the part-time off-spin of JP Duminy, who is enjoying a cracking day.

Over 9: England 109/3

More singles - it's just not enough. England need to find the fence, especially as they have Buttler still in the hutch.

Do they have a hero in their ranks?

Joe Root
Joe Root at the crease Getty

Over 8: England 103/3

JP Duminy is South Africa's second spinner. England must go after the part-timer in this game.

They can't get him away, though. And in the end his over costs just seven. A good over from him.

England need boundaries.

Alex Hales was the first man togo
Alex Hales was the first man to go Getty Images

Over 7: England 96/3

Leg-spinner Imran Tahir comes into the attack and England seem happy to nudge and nurdle for the moment.

It's all singles and twos, which isn't really enough.

The question is: how will Tahir go in comparison to England's spinners, Mooen and Rashid?

Over 6: England 89/3

So, a run-packed powerplay for England. But having already lost three wickets, they could do with establishing a partnership.

Having said that, it's not easy to do when the required run rate is somewhere near ten per over.

Eoin Morgan at number five, meaning still no Jos Buttler.

Jason Roy blitzed the ball
Jason Roy blitzed the ball Getty Images

Wicket: BA Stokes c Morris b Rabada 15

England are more than up with the require rate at the minute, but wickets are starting to tumble.

It's the big-hitting Ben Stokes who has now perished. Rabada, a mightily impressive young bowler, has his man after being smashed for an enormous six.

Stokes hit a full-toss straight to the man on the fence.

Over 5: England 79/2

Roy found the boundary with a scooped six. But he gives away his wicket shortly afterwards.

Joe Root has joined Ben Stokes out in the middle now.

Wicket: JJ Roy c †de Kock b Abbott 43

Jason Roy falls in the pursuit of more quick runs, but what an innings from the young man.

He has at least given England a glimmer of hope of pulling off the improbable. Roy scored 43 off just 16 balls.

In the end, he tried to scoop it to the boundary but could only find the keeper.

Jason Roy was in blistering form
Jason Roy was in blistering form Getty Images

Over 4: England 65/1

Stokes gets his first boundary but that's a decent effort from Rabada in the context of this game.

He's put a brief stop on the scoring with some full, fast yorkers.

Over 3: England 56/1

England lose their first wicket - but Jason Roy is refusing to slow down. He hooks another six into the stands.

What an amazing game of cricket we've already witnessed.

Wicket: AD Hales lbw b Abbott 17

Full and fast - that's the end of Alex Hales' fun for today. England are one down. Here comes... Ben Stokes.

Over 2: England 44/0

If England do go down here, they are going down swinging! Dale Steyn is greeted by three successive boundaries and then Jason Roy thrashes the last ball for six.

Hold on to you hats, England fans!

Alex Hales in action with the bat
Alex Hales in action with the bat Getty Images

Over 1: England 21/0

The charge is on!

Jason Roy waists no time in going after Rabada, smacking him for boundary after boundary in Mumbai. Do England believe they can do this?

Key points:

  • England's third highest T20 total conceded
  • England will be close to elimination if they lose tonight
  • Amla 58 (31 balls), De Kock 52 (24)

England's bowling figures:

  • Willey 4-0-40-1
  • Topley 2-0-33-0
  • Moeen 4-0-34-2
  • Jordan 3-0-49-0
  • Stokes 2-0-23-0
  • Rashid 4-0-35-1
  • Root 1-0-13-0.

Over 20: South Africa 229/4

That's it. England fans can come from behind the sofa now. From Eoin Morgan's viewpoint, that was pretty much a horror show from start to finish.

Dropped catches, missfields, wides ... and an eye-watering number of sixes conceded. England were cut down to size by Amla, de Kock and co.

The target is 230 in 20 overs - good luck with that!

Over 19: South Africa 211/4

Here is a young man under pressure. Reece Topley comes back into the attack - what can he do this time? The answer, well, is not a great deal.

He is greeted by back-to-back sixes from JP Duminy. South Africa have passed 200 and this game may have already gone for England, in truth.

JP Duminy added a late spurt
JP Duminy added a late spurt Getty Images

Over 18: South Africa 193/4

The big-hitting David Miller smashes the ball over the fence for another six, as South Africa continue their march towards 200.

But David Willey, to his credit, is generally getting it right at the back end of this innings. He is, at least, managing to deliver his yorkers under pressure.

Over 17: South Africa 182/4

Chris Jordan comes back into the attack, and he concedes nine runs from that over.

Overall though, he has now given away 31 from two overs - you have to question whether he merits his place in the team at the moment.

JP Duminy looks for the boundary
JP Duminy looks for the boundary Getty Images

Over 16: South Africa 173/4

A rare good over from England, there. David Willey picks up a wicket and concedes just seven runs.

England would probably settle for a target of below 220 at this stage.

Ben Stokes looks forlorn
Ben Stokes looks forlorn Getty Images

Wicket: F du Plessis c Roy b Willey 17

The left-armer gets the South African captain! Du Plessis swung hard across the line, but could only pick out deep mid-wicket.

England have another, yet the damage might already be done.

Over 15: South Africa 166/3

If they hadn't already, the wheels are now coming off in Mumbai, as Stokes goes for two more boundaries in this over.

England - bar Rashid and Mooen - have been woeful so far today, and South Africa are set to get a monumental score.

Over 14: South Africa 152/3

Joe Root is brought into the attack. Eoin Morgan clearly thinks spin is the way to go in Mumbai.

But Duminy scores back-to-back boundaries off the Yorkshireman's off-spinners. Six overs to go.

Eoin Morgan searches for answers
Eoin Morgan searches for answers Getty Images

Over 13: South Africa 139/3

Another good over from Rashid, who is proving to be England's best bowler in these conditions.

He finishes with 1 for 35 from his four-over spell.

Adil Rashid celebrates his wicket
Adil Rashid celebrates his wicket Getty Images

Over 12: South Africa 134/3

Six runs and a wicket from that over. England are edging back into this contest, thanks primarily to their spinners, Rashid and Ali.

JP Duminy has come to the crease now.

Hashim Amla shortly before his wicket fell
Hashim Amla shortly before his wicket fell Getty Images

Wicket: HM Amla lbw b Ali 58

Another wicket to England who are just, just giving themselves a glimmer of hope after that woeful start.

This time, the ball is too full for Amla to find the boundary, the ball thuds into his pad and the umpire raises his finger.

Over 11: South Africa 128/2

Well bowled, Adil Rashid. Just three from that over. Can his good work be backed up at the other end?

South Africa ought to be aiming for something well in excess of 200 at this stage...

Over 10: South Africa 125/2

Amla brings up his fifty in style! The stylish right-hander heaves the ball into the stands.

That's 50 for Amla from just 25 balls.

Hashim Amla looks to find the boundary
Hashim Amla looks to find the boundary Getty Images

Over 9: South Africa 114/2

A huge breakthrough, that. All credit to Rashid for choosing to toss it up and lure ABD into another big hit.

Could that be a turning point in the game?

Wicket: AB de Villiers c Morgan b Rashid 16

After going for back-to-back sixes, Rashid has lured de Villiers into a false shot and England have another wicket.

The batsman skies the ball into the air and it is safely pouched by the skipper. England needed that desperately.

Over 8: South Africa 100/1

ABD has walked in at number three, which is surely the correct move. He can create absolute carnage if he gets going.

An over of relative calm, though, after that manic beginning.

Hashim Amla starred with the bat
Hashim Amla starred with the bat Getty Images

Wicket: Q de Kock c Hales b Ali 52

The mayhem is over for the time being. De Kock has fallen after an eye-catching innings that has put SA in control of the game.

On this occasion, though, the left-hander finds the hands of the fielder and has to walk off.

Over 7: South Africa 96/0

England's much-hyped leg-spinner is given a go now, here's Adil Rashid. His first ball is bunted to the boundary to bring up de Kock's 50.

And then the final ball of the over is carted for six by Amla high over the legside.

South Africa might consider a declaration at this rate!

Over 6: South Africa 83/0

Ben Stokes now. Can he make the all-important breakthrough?

No, he goes for a couple of boundaries from that over. Still, it only went for 11, which is a minor victory in the context of this innings.

England look completely lost at the moment, though, with the ball flying to all parts of the ground.

South Africa's openers in action
South Africa's openers in action Getty Images

Over 5: South Africa 72/0

Chris Jordan is introduced into the attack - can he bring about a change in fortunes for England?

No. Emphatically no. His over feature four fours and a six. It's utter mayhem in Mumbai.

Over 4: South Africa 50/0

Moeen Ali is introduced into the action early. England need a wicket ... and they need one quickly.

His first ball is smacked to the fence - and then the third ball is neatly placed into the gap for another boundary. England are bleeding runs in Mumbai.

To make matters worse, Topley drops a dolly at mid-on - that was a sitter. The batsman cross and de Kock adds another boundary. Amazing stuff.

Over 3: South Africa 37/0

After a quiet start, de Kock is looking to play a shot-a-ball. Some are flying to the fence; others aren't leaving the square.

On this occasion, he follows a couple of poor shots with a spectacular-looking six straight down the ground. The next ball is smeared wide of mid-on.

Then, De Kock cuts it to the fence for four more - and he has England running scared already, with Eoin Morgan having made some dramatic changes to the field.

And to finish? He hits England's opening bowler over cover-point for six! It's gone 91 metres, straight into the second tier!

Quinton de Kock hits a boundary
Quinton de Kock hits a boundary Getty Images

Over 2: South Africa 17/0

Topley's first ball goes flying over extra cover, into the stands. What a stroke - the first six of the match for the talented left-hander.

Two balls later he comes charging down the wicket and even though it doesn't come from the middle of the bat, the ball dribbles to the boundary.

Topley is under pressure. How will he respond? A floaty half-volley and it's another boundary for de Kock - South Africa are suddenly flying.

Quinton de Kock was in top form
Quinton de Kock was in top form Getty Images

Over 1: South Africa 2/0

A quiet start from the South Africans, with de Kock happy to play from the crease for the time being.

A cautious opening - just two singles from the over.

Quinton de Kock
Quinton de Kock was happy to bide his time Getty Images

David Willey has the new ball in his hand - and we're underway in Mumbai!

As is customary at ICC-organised events, the teams have observed their own national anthems on the outfield.

The Wankhede Stadium is not sold out for this one, but there appears to be a healthy crowd inside the ground nevertheless.

The game is being played on a different wicket to that on which England lost to West Indies the other night.

However, this is still expected to be another run-filled affair, with a score of 200 considered to be somewhere about par.

Right, there are around ten minutes to go until this game gets underway. South Africa have some serious players at the top of their order, meaning England will have to take early wickets to keep a lid on the scoring.

Consequently, the likes of Topley and Willey know they will be under huge pressure from the first ball of the match.

Faf du Plessis on the toss...

"To be honest I wasn't sure [what to do at the toss]. There are benefits to both - the ball swings a little bit later at night but there's dew as well," he said.

"The IPL experience helps a lot - Indian conditions aren't foreign to us any more. It's a nice-paced wicket so we're playing the extra pace bowler."

Faf du Plessis
Faf du Plessis in action with the bat

Here's how we think England and South Africa will line-up. The big news is that AB de Villiers has been moved down the order.

England: 1 Jason Roy, 2 Alex Hales, 3 Joe Root, 4 Eoin Morgan (capt), 5 Jos Buttler (wk), 6 Ben Stokes, 7 Moeen Ali, 8 Adil Rashid, 9 David Willey, 10 Chris Jordan, 11 Reece Topley

South Africa: 1 Hashim Amla, 2 Quinton de Kock (wk), 3 Faf du Plessis (capt), 4 AB de Villiers, 5 JP Duminy, 6 David Miller, 7 Chris Morris, 8 Kyle Abbott, 9 Kagiso Rabada, 10 Dale Steyn, 11 Imran Tahir

England have also named an unchanged team for the game, meaning there is no place in the line-up for Liam Plunkett.

Morgan said at the toss that he likes having two left-armers at his disposal. It remains to be seen, though, if Topley and Willey are able to contain South Africa's fearsome-looking batting side.

Faf du Plessis, meanwhile, has revealed he was undecided about the toss.

Is he being truthful? We'll probably never know, but most experts seem to think England have an advantage having won the toss.

Eoin Morgan at the toss
Eoin Morgan at the toss Getty Images

Breaking news:

England win the toss and bowl

England captain Eoin Morgan explained that his decision was largely driven by the evening dew, which makes it tough to defend a score.

"We caught Chris Gayle on a night when he was outstanding... and he's very hard to stop," Morgan reflected on their defeat the other night.

Elsewhere in the World T20 tournament, New Zealand have pulled off their second shock in as many games.

After defeating the Indians on home soil, they have now defeated Steven Smith's Australian side.

And they've done it all without their recently-retired skipper Brendon McCullum...

Just as a reminder, England played two T20 games against South Africa on their recent tour.

Eoin Morgan's men lost both games, scoring 134 for 8 and 171 all out. They will need to score much more heavily in Mumbai today, where 200 is likely to be around par.

The toss could prove to be crucial, too, given the dew that settles on the outfield in the evening.

Eoin Morgan
Morgan in action during the English summer Getty Images

South Africa, as always, have a very formidable-looking squad heading into the tournament.

What's more, there is plenty of IPL experience among the players in their selection. But it remains to be seen if they are able to stand up to the pressure.

Quinton de Kock-Hashim Amla
Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla in action against England recently Getty

The all-important toss is around 15 minutes away now. For England, there may be a temptation to include Liam Plunkett, who would offer a bit of extra pace.

It'll also be interesting to see the South African line-up and in particular, what they decide to do with AB de Villiers. Will he open the batting?

One major difference in the South African team from the England tour is the return of Dale Steyn, who suffered an injury in the first Test of the series.

The speedster recently returned to action and will be looking to spearhead the Proteas' attack in the tournament.

Dale Steyn
Dale Steyn has come back from a shoulder problem Getty

Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium is the setting for this much-anticipated clash between England and South Africa.

The pitch in Mumbai usually offers a bit of pace, at least by Indian standards, and the outfield is like a marble floor.

If the ball beats the infield in the first six overs, the fielders can probably give up the chase...

Joe Root
Joe Root will be a key man for England in Mumbai Getty

South Africa and England recently faced each other over the course of a lengthy Test and limited-overs tour.

The Three Lions began the tour the brighter, taking the Test series in fine style. But as time passed, South Africa seemed to grow progressively stronger.

Will that have any bearing on today's match? We are going to find out over the course of the next few hours...

AB De Villiers
AB De Villiers is key if South Africa are to make an impression at the ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Getty

Prior to the game in Mumbai, former England batsman Kevin Pietersen admitted the team's bowling unit lacks quality and experience.

The exiled right-hander claimed England's bowling resources do not have sufficient experience in Indian conditions.

"The only thing England should be concerned about is their bowling. Why did Adil Rashid only bowl two overs, for example, and who is England's other death bowler, besides Chris Jordan, who is brilliant at it?" he asked on Sky Sports after their opening loss.

Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen Getty Images

Good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage of England's crunch clash against South Africa in Mumbai.

Eoin Morgan's men were comprehensively defeated by the West Indies in their opening game of the tournament and know they need a win here to keep their dreams on course.

Standing in their way is a talented and familiar South African team, who rank among the favourites to lift the trophy.

Chris Gayle & Jos Buttler
Chris Gayle blew England away with a 47-ball century in Mumbai Reuters