SingularDTV, the blockchain entertainment studio, is in partnership with award-winning star DJ Gramatik, making him the first crypto artist to launch an entertainment economy powered by blockchain technology.

The adventurous hip hop artist and Lowtemp Recordings producer, who mixes Talib Kweli's raps with Balkan beats on his latest EP Re:Coil Part I, will tap into SingularDTV's groundbreaking platform to tokenise himself, says SinglarDTV, allowing worldwide audiences and investors to engage with him in a new way by snapping up Gramatik tokens, the crypto-currency equivalent of a share in the traditional stock market.

Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV, said: "The best part is that his fans, through holding the GRMTK token, will benefit like never before. It allows Gramatik to build a more reciprocal relationship with his worldwide audiences, which makes him a new breed of creator. On SingularDTV, he will not only be able to share his music with the world, but anything he creates, from tour movies, short films, feature films, his writings, merchandise, anything and everything."

A sponsor of Gramatik's European tour that kicked off October 13th in Luxembourg, SingularDTV is filming a documentary about the tokenization of Gramatik and the launch of the GRMTK token during his Zurich show onNovember 9 in the X-TRA venue.

SingularDTV's block chain applications allow artists to build and manage projects from development to distribution through the utilization of a rights management gateway, project funding portal, a peer-to peer VOD platform and more. The SingularDTV applications eliminate industry middlemen -- agents, distributors, lawyers, and other intermediaries -- that traditionally diminish revenues and fan engagement.

Founded by Zach LeBeau, Kim Jackson, Arie Levy Cohen, and Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin, SingularDTV has developed a new type of business structure where artists can monetise their own work online by creating tokens that represent their IP and are programmed with their ability to control the flow of their rights, revenue and royalties.

The proposed blockchain model give Gramatik economic control regarding all ownership and control of intellectual property (rights and revenue), while building a more interactive and reciprocal audience relationship, said a staement.

Lowtemp is an independent "created by artists for artists" record label, founded by Gramatik. Following his maxim of freeing music by making it free, it provides a platform for innovative forward-looking artist to share their sounds with the world.