Ukip leader Nigel Farage has bet £1,000 ($1,453, €1,281) on the UK leaving the European Union. The Brexit campaigner posted a video of him making the bet in a Ladbrokes on his Facebook page on 2 June.

Farage said, "I'm feeling lucky, I have a bit of inside information, I've been around the country. I think it is a good investment, and a chance to make some money".

When asked if he expected to see a return he said, "Absolutely, I am very bullish about this. I've been all around the country all week, I've got to tell you, and everywhere we go people are saying they've their minds up, they want to leave".

Ladbrokes are offering odds of 3/10 for a Remain vote on 23 June, and 5/2 for a Leave. However, the Leave odds were slashed from 9/2 earlier in the week due an upsurge in bets on a Brexit.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said, "We've seen plenty of large Remain wagers in our city branches, but this is the biggest Leave bet placed so who better to part with the cash than Farage? While the odds are still stacked against him, he is confident he'll be returning to pick up some cash to pay for the independence beers in a few weeks."

Ladbrokes are also offering odds of 7/1 for Tory MP Boris Johnson to take over from David Cameron as UK Prime Minister by 1 January 2017. They have a shorter 6/1 offer on Cameron being replaced in Downing Street by July 1, just over a week after the referendum.

Farage could win £2,500 from his expensive Brexit bet. However, in his role as an MEP, the Ukip leader is thought to make around £6,537 a month according the BBC, so it seems he can afford a loss is the UK does vote to stay.