eufy X10 Pro Omni

With your home floor always getting dirty regularly, being able to clean it as soon as possible is ideal. After all, the floor is one of the first things you and visitors often see and feel when roaming around the house. But with so many factors adding up to the dirtiness of your floor–from dust from outside to accumulated food crumbs and hair from your furry friends–how can you simplify the cleaning experience without having the hassle of doing it yourself? For that, having a reliable cleaning robot does the trick.

But here's the thing: how do you even know the perfect cleaning robot for your floor sanitation needs? For this, we believe the eufy X10 Pro Omni is one of the best products in its category, combining smart cleaning and efficiency into one package–making the cleaning experience much more capable and hassle-free at the same time. Check out our full review of the eufy X10 Pro Omni below for our hands-on description of regularly using this intelligent cleaning robot!

Combining Efficient Design and Smart Capabilities

Part of an effective cleaning robot is that the overall product design must be embedded in the product's overall effectiveness in cleaning your floors. The eufy X10 Pro Omni fully embodies that, as its pentagonal mop design provides more reach and better corner cleaning. You would think that the odd design choice is merely for this purpose, but in reality, there is more than meets the eye regarding this cleaner!

Inside the brains of this cleaner is its 'AI.See' capability, the cleaner's advanced obstacle avoidance software. Its capability of identifying over 100 objects like wires, shoes, and toys, even at night, can easily be controlled using the cleaner's app to customise cleaning scenarios to suit your cleaning routine.

Moreover, it has its own AI.Technology can create 'No-Go Zones', virtual boundaries, and more so that X10 Pro Omni cleans your space the way you want. This means you can easily set the parameters into which the cleaner goes to clean so you can enjoy clean spaces while you relax in your sanctuary!

Powerful Floor Cleaning with Minimal Hands-On Experience

The hallmark of an efficient cleaning robot is that it has enough power to be able to do regular cleaning and keep the floors clean while only requiring you to check on it to clean out its insides and containers for maintenance purposes. Surprisingly, despite the X10 Pro Omni's size, don't be easily fooled by it: it's a cleaning monster, honestly!

The cleaner effortlessly removes hidden debris in carpets, including pet hair, for clean floors in just one pass. This is thanks to the robot's two mop pads, capable of 180 rotations per minute and 1 kg of downward pressure. This allows the robot to effectively remove stains and leave your floors shining, and it even automatically raises by 12 mm when it detects a carpet to keep it from becoming wet.

Speaking of self-cleaning, to stop odours and bacteria growth, the X10 Pro Omni mop pads are also self-cleaned in clean water and then dried with hot air at 45°C (113°F). Its 2.5L dust bag, which only needs to be changed every two months, collects the dust from the station. Moreover, enough water is included in the 3L clean water tank to mop a 1,500–2,000 square foot (150 sq m) home two or three times. Such sheer details of the cleaner make it one of the most efficient cleaners, as it can also clean itself–ready for the next round!

Take It From The Customers

But don't just take our word for it - the eufy X10 Pro Omni scored an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers have called the robo vacuum cleaner, "excellent," "the best robo vacuum," and "excellent little robovac."

JC McMichael from the UK is impressed at how it works around objects on the floor while it works, "It's good at avoiding obstacles and navigating around my toddler who is fascinated with chasing it. I like that you can have it photograph the object (which it stores locally on the robot) and you can review later what it saw."

AB from the UK said he's never had cleaner floors, "been using it for about a month now and not had any problems, its never got itself caught on any cables that got left on the floor and easily runs on a schedule clean weekday morning."

F. Glenister, on the other hand, said that the product is great and that after-sales customer service is excellent. He also shared some great tips: "RoboVacs would be very helpful in all types of property from small flats to very large houses. The only difference is how many RoboVacs to buy to cover the space. The secret is to vacuum everywhere every day whether you think it needs it or not. Do not only vacuum once or twice a week as you would with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Also at the start, empty the RoboVacs each time they run because initially they will be cleaning areas that have been neglected and the dust collector will be full."

Final Verdict

To sum up, the eufy X10 Pro Omni is undoubtedly one of the most notable smart cleaner robots out there, with its design and functionality a sure win for consumers who want a regular cleaner for their floors in the house, keeping it today for every day. Despite a steep price of £799, it is a smart cleaning device worth every buck that customers are sure to use for a long time.