The UK may restrict the entry of EU immigrants to its country if the eurozone crisis worsens and leads to the collapse of the single currency bloc, said Home Secretary Theresa May.

In an interview to the Telegraph, May said the country is preparing itself for the contingency situation to restrict EU immigrants if the eurozone collapses due to the current situation in Greece and Spain.

She was asked whether she would legally restrict the rights of economic migrants from Greece and Spain, to which she replied: "As in every part of government, it is right that we do some contingency planning on this. That work is ongoing."

May said immigration trends from the financially troubled countries are being examined. But, according to her, there is as yet no evidence that immigration is on the rise.

If the eurozone breaks up, some people in EU nations will be looking at Britain as an immediate work opportunity since the country is out of the single currency bloc and allows EU citizens to work legally.

On illegal immigrants, May said the country was working towards creating a hostile environment for them. "The aim is to create here in Britain a really hostile environment for illegal migration. What we don't want is a situation where people think that they can come here and overstay because they're able to access everything they need," May said in the interview to the Telegraph.

The coalition government has been quite strict on immigration and recently cancelled post-study work visas for non-EU graduates which allowed them to work in the UK for two years after their study.