"Desperate Housewives" star, Eva Longoria, walked tall in a very short pink dress in the streets of New York displaying her long, slender and sexy legs.

The Daily Mail reports the 37 year old showed off those legs in a pair of quilted black heels, emerging from an SUV with perfectly curled brunette locks and Aviator sunglasses. To see the photographs, click here.

Longoria was visiting the sets of the television show "FOX and Friends", from where she tweeted: "I'm running into everyone here at Fox and Friends! Look who else is here!"

Along with celebrating the finale of the show, Eva is also promoting the new cola drink, Pepsi Next, in New York, for which she tweeted: "Up early in NY getting my face on and hair did! Weather is amazing here! Can't wait to be in Times square!#PepsiNext".

According to the Daily Mail, for that event she wore a "figure-hugging grey frock" and left the zip fastening on the dress down at least a few inches to keep her ample assets on show. Incidentally, the marketing event, which saw Longoria take a swig of the drink, broke her two-month record of "no sugar".

Meanwhile, the actress was also excited about her new drama series, "Devious Maids", which she is co-producing.

"It's probably going to fill [the Desperate Housewives] void really nicely. It's about four women, four maids and their employers and their lives and it is so funny and dramatic and mysterious. It's got all the great elements that Desperate Housewives has but with different content, a different point of view-the help's point of view," Eva told E!Online. The show reportedly will start shooting next month.