Tech News Roundup – 10/9/12

The UK's first 4G network will be launched this week, and Everything Everywhere, the sole company initiating mobile broadband upgrade, is already in talks with a number of smartphone makers over which devices will work on the network.

The Financial Times has reported that Everything Everywhere are in talks with Nokia about potentially launching their latest phone, the Lumia 920, in the UK this November. The biggest network in Britain with 28 million customers, Everything Everywhere could be the first to sell a phone using the new Windows Phone 8 software.

Faltering social games company Zynga has been plunged into further trouble after their chief technical officer, Allan Leinwand, has left the company.

Leinward's LinkedIn profile reveals he has left the Farmville creators for cloud computing company ServiceNow. The departure comes only weeks after Chief Creative Officer Mike Verdu and Chief Operating Officer John Schappert both left the company.

Zynga has seen revenues dwindle as more people have abandoned desktop gaming to play apps on their smartphones and tablets. Hopes for the company now rest on the release last week of Farmville 2, a sequel to their most popular game where players harvest crops and raise livestock.

A café has popped up in East London offering smartphone users the chance to see some of technology industry's most notable figures speak directly to them.

Using the free augmented reality app Aurasma, visitors to the Wall Street Journal Tech Café will be able to see images of these people burst to life and provide insight on how to succeed in the tech industry.

Various iconic 'hedcuts' will be displayed from the 12<sup>th to the 14<sup>th September featuring the likes of Twitter CEO Jack Costolo, Nokia chief Stephen Elop and new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner