An app costing £60 ($95) that claims to turn back the eye's age by 10 years and increase reading speed is to be released in the next few months.

The expensive mobile app is expected to have a one-time charge, which give access for three months, followed by a small monthly fee for 'maintenance.'

The app comes under the popular 'brain-training' genre and is said to have the potential to train the eye to the point of not requiring reading glasses.

GlassesOff also boasts that after use, the average time taken to read a newspaper is halved.

It is due for release early next year as a smartphone app, although a computer version could follow shortly after.

The training consists of a series of colours and shapes that dance over the display. It is said to combat age-related farsightedness. Volunteers with an average age of 51 who took part in 40 training sessions reduced their average 'eye age' from 50.5 to 41.9 and reduced their time taken to read a sentence by four seconds, the developer says.

Although Brits spend nearly £3 billion a year on glasses and contact lenses, the app alone is unlikely to be an effective way of cutting down optical bills.