Jenson Button
Jenson Button Reuters

McLaren driver Jenson Button says he is unconcerned about his future in the team, even though McLaren's executive chairman Ron Dennis has asked him to 'try harder.'

Button, who is out-of-contract with Mclaren at the end of the season, has been asked to push harder by team boss Dennis.

Earlier in the month, when the Mclaren team boss was asked about his drivers, he said he was happy with both of them, especially with second driver Kevin Magnusson, who is competing in his debut season in F1. However, Dennis feels that Button being a World Champion can do better.

"I'm happy with the drivers in the sense I think they are giving their best, I'm sure Kevin is giving a big wake-up call to Jenson. In some ways you say: Great, we've made a great choice with Kevin," Dennis said, as quoted in the Guardian.

"But in other ways you say: 'Come on Jenson, you are a world champion and absolutely one thing you can do on a consistent basis – and you should be doing it – is beating your team-mate.

"Do I want him to try harder? Of course I do. He's a highly paid grand prix driver. Yes, we are not giving him the best car; yes, it would be challenging for him to win in this car to say the least, but he could do his bit and Kevin has to make it as difficult for him as possible," the former team principal added.

Meanwhile, 2009 World Champion Button remains confident that his place at McLaren is not under threat and also feels that he has done enough to merit a place in one of the top teams in F1, rather than worrying about securing a drive for next season.

"I don't see why I wouldn't be here next year," Button said, as quoted by the BBC.

"I'm not - as I shouldn't be - worried about my future in Formula One. I definitely shouldn't be thinking 'is someone going to sign me next year?

"I'm a world champion, I've won 15 grands prix, I'm at the top of my game - I personally feel right now - I've a really quick team-mate, which is pushing me on," the former Brawn GP driver explained.

On the other hand, Dennis has refused to commit to the current driver pairing for the 2015 season, saying a decision will be made later on in the season.