FINAL CLASSIFICATION - Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Massa, Nasr, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Ericsson, Sainz, Perez

  • Hamilton WINS!! Rosberg and Vettel in second and third
  • Both Sauber's in the points as Filipe Nasr finishes fifth on debut
  • Carlos Sainz ninth for Toro Rosso on Debut
  • Jenson Button finishes last and out of the points
  • Grosjean, Maldonado, Verstappen and Raikkonen out of the race
  • Bottas, Magnussen and Kvyat failed to start the race
Lewis Hamilton

LAP 58/58 - Hamilton takes the win in the first race of the season, with teammate Rosberg in second.

Vettel finishes on the podium in his debut for Ferrari.


Hamilton WINS!!! Starts title defence in style.


FINAL LAP!! Hamilton should beat Rosberg as the gap is now 2 sconds


2 LAPS TO GO!! Vettel looks comfortable for a podium finish, ahead of Massa by 4 seconds.


2 LAPS TO GO!! Ericsson takes Carlos Sainz. Both Sauber's in the points.


3 LAPS TO GO. Rosberg closing in on Hamilton, just 1.7 secs behind.


Five laps to go!!!


LAP 51/58 - Positions remain the same as Button reports a problem. Kimi could have a penalty for Malaysian Grand Prix due to the unsafe release.

Hamilton setting consecutive fastest laps as he pulls away from teammate Nico Rosberg.


Kimi gets out of his car after the left rear wheel was not fixed properly


LAP 47/58 - Jenson Button the only driver in the race running outside the points


LAP 43/58 - Only 11 cars remain in the race following Kimi's retirement. Ferrari will be investigated for an unsafe release on Kimi's car after the race.


LAP 42/58 - Kimi goes into the pits comes out in fifth and then pulls up after two turns and shuts the engine off. On his way back to the pits. Not in his car but on the stewards scooter.

The Ferrari pit crew have messed up yet again for Kimi and not fitted the left rear tyre properly leading to the driver parking on the side of the track.


LAP 42/58 - Kimi OUT!!!!


LAP 39/58 - Positions remain the same. Perez comes into the pit and goes on to the soft tyres for the final 18 laps.


LAP 37/58 - Nico Rosberg sets the fastest lap. Kimi six seconds behind Massa, but has one more stop to go.


LAP 35/58 - Verstappen stops at the end of the track with an engine problem


LAP 33/58 - Kimi sets yet another fastest lap as Verstappen makes his first stop.


LAP 31/58 - Kimi on the soft tyre sets the fastest lap. But is 10secs behind Massa in fourth. And he has to stop again.


LAP 27/58 - Rosberg comes into the pit. Hamilton takes over the lead yet again.


LAP 26/58 - Vettel pits and comes out ahead of Massa. Ferrari's strategy of staying out longer. Carlos Sainz has a problem when he pitted and loses his position on the track

Hamilton pits!!! Rosberg takes over the lead.


LAP 22/58 - Positions remain the same. Hamilton looks comfortable in front. Nico maintaining the 2.3secs gap. Sauber driver's doing well.

Massa pits. Medium compound tyre on.


LAP 19/58 - Kimi sets fastest lap on fresh set of soft tyres. Massa complains of tyre graining.


LAP 17/58 - Kimi pits!! but there is a problem fixing the rear tyre and gets delayed. Kimi carrying a problem after his coming together with Vettel in the first lap.


LAP 16/58 - Button turns into Perez to cause the spin. With only 13 cars remaining Button is reminded by his engineer that he could score points today.