Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he is aware of how F1 fans are starting to become bored that he is always winning.

On Sunday, Hamilton took another comfortable win at the Belgian Grand Prix. It was his fifth victory of the season after only seven races. The British driver cruised from pole position all the way to the chequered flag, which has been a predictable and common scenario throughout this season and the years before.

Not only did Hamilton win, it was another 1-2 finish for Mercedes, with Valtteri Bottas taking second place. As it stands, the six-time F1 champion is already 47 points clear of his closest rival, Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen. Bottas meanwhile, is 50 points behind in third place.

The huge gap this early in the season is turning F1 into a snooze fest and Hamilton is aware that fans are getting restless. However, he says that he and his team are just thinking about getting the job done. "I know it's not necessarily what everyone always wants, to see the Mercedes at the front but no matter how much success we have, we just keep our heads down," he said during the post-race press conference.

In the same interview, even Hamilton's Mercedes teammate admitted that he was surprised when he was basically told that he should not challenge the Briton. "I didn't hear that instruction that we're not allowed to race each other," said Bottas on the team radio. He later said in the press conference that "Actually I had no clue about that! Maybe they said it, but I don't recall."

Since none of the other teams appear to be making a decent challenge except perhaps Verstappen in his Red Bull, fans may have to make do with some racing between the Mercedes teammates this season. That is, if the team lets them challenge each other in earnest. "Definitely I want those race wins and I'm just happy that there's an opportunity next weekend again," said Bottas.

Verstappen, who won one of the only two races that didn't go Hamilton's way, also admitted his boredom. "It was pretty boring, to be honest. Not really interesting; not much to do. I couldn't really keep up with them (Mercedes) when they were pushing and from my side I ran out of tyres at the end," he said.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton equalled one of Michael Schumacher's host of records by winning the Hungarian Grand Prix POOL / Leonhard Foeger