Max Verstappen has taken a thinly veiled dig at Lewis Hamilton while talking about the crash at the British Grand Prix last month that saw the Dutchman retire from the race while the Mercedes driver went on to claim the win.

Red Bull Racing and Mercedes have gone back and forth blaming each other for the opening lap incident at Silverstone. The Austrian outfit's team principal Christian Horner and team advisor Helmut Marko both squarely put the blame on Hamilton, suggesting it was pressure that led to the Briton to crash into Verstappen.

The seven-time F1 world champion, on the other hand, has blamed the Red Bull driver's aggressive driving style. Verstappen has again spoken about it and made it clear that he is not aggressive on track while stating that it is "not always in your hands if other people drive into you."

"I don't feel like I race aggressive. Of course, I will make it difficult if people will try to pass me. I will always try to make it difficult for them, to put them in difficult positions," Verstappen told The Race's Scott Mitchell.

"But I think my awareness of where I can position my car is really good and I haven't been involved in having another car off the track. I have zero penalty points. I think that says quite a lot.

"Of course, some people might think a bit different about that, but I actually think that the racing side is a really strong point of mine and I also really know how to stay out of trouble," he added. "But that is not always in your hands if other people drive into you."

Verstappen went on describe the incident in detail and made it clear that Hamilton was at fault. He explained that the Mercedes driver's entry angle into Corpse and the speed he was carrying meant the crash was inevitable.

Max Verstappen
Red Bull's Max Verstappen was a winner in Austria last year William WEST/AFP