For gamers who are vigilantly waiting for any news about Sony's next home console, a new development is unfortunately about something else. According to users who are currently beta testing the latest firmware update on their PS4 units, the Facebook feature appears to be on its way out. On the other hand, Sony is also adding some functions that will reportedly help users. Other players are speculating that the removal of the social media option could extend to the upcoming PS5.

Among the latest updates regarding Sony's changes to its popular gaming platform, this was apparently unexpected. For those who are wondering how Facebook works on the system, players can link their accounts to the PS4. It can be used to verify your identity or find friends who are also playing on the machine. Moreover, users can enable the app to automatically publish and share certain milestones or activities. It's impending removal leaves gamers with Twitter as the only social media option left.

Im tring to link my psn to facebook and this happend
The email and password r right
Any help ?

— Mohamed E.Youssry (@youssry_e) October 6, 2019

Sony has yet to issue an official statement about the Facebook feature, but Express claims a message from the company's official channel confirmed the news. More information comes from a Reddit user who posted about a friend's interaction with a support representative from PlayStation Asia.

The inquiry was about a problem logging in to the social media feature of the PS4. The reply states that the PlayStation Network no longer supports the service. Furthermore, the message reveals that an official announcement will be made soon.

@AskPlayStation Been trying to link my Facebook to my PSN for a while now and I keep getting this message... Email address is correct, password is correct. Just won’t let me log in

— 🐺Leader Of The Wolfpack🐺 (@AlphaWolf_ODA) October 2, 2019

Meanwhile, other sources are reporting multiple cases wherein PS4 users are encountering errors while trying to use the share to Facebook function. Until Sony starts to distribute firmware 7.00 through its network, players might have to use Twitter as an alternative platform to share content. Equally notable is the new calibration option that will ship together with the incoming software update. The new option helps users calibrate the HDR settings on compatible televisions.

@AskPS_ANZ I would like to know why i cant link my facebook account to my psn account. I have previously linked my UAE psn account to my fb account. And now that I am on NZ I did create a new PSN account but failed to link my fb account. i have changed password several times

— Jay Macalintal (@jaymcleech) October 6, 2019

With Facebook about to be discontinued, it is a possibility that Sony is testing certain functionalities that will be available on the PS5. The company has recently been making headlines with announcements ranging from fighting climate change to finally enabling cross-platform play on the PS4.

The social media giant is battling several data scandals. Silhouettes of mobile users are seen next to a screen projection of Facebook logo. Reuters/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo