24 cyber hackers thought to be involved in a potential £131m credit card scam have been busted by the FBI. U.S. officials called the crackdown on the young men across the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia as the 'largest enforcement effort ever' against computer crooks. Their actions have saved over 400,000 people from being scammed.

Here's one of the accused fresh from court in Manhattan and enjoying the media spotlight! 18-year-old Mir Islam, who sports the online nickname of 'JoshThe God'. He's alleged to have bought and sold hacking programs, and stolen information via secure websites. Authorities say he's also admitted to helping emerging hacker group UgNazi, who had launched a cyber attack against Twitter last week. Here's another one of the suspected fraudsters Joshua Hicks. 19, he lives with his Mom and uses the net name 'OxideDox'.

During a two-year long sting FBI agents locked on to suspected criminals by posing as members of an internet forum called 'Carder Profit'. The fake site was all rigged up to identify, investigate and disrupt the illegal activities of all the registered users who were online just to exchange stolen account numbers.

Investigators made 11 arrests in various states, including New York, Florida, Wisconsin and California. Thirteen others were picked up: some here in the UK, as well as Bosnia, Norway, Italy and Japan. Search warrants were also executed in Australia and Canada. If convicted, some of them face up to 40-years or more in prison.