(File photo) People with diabetes who use the faulty blood glucose test strips should stop using them and seek an alternative as soon as possible Getty

People who have diabetes have been warned to stop using a certain type of glucose test strip as a manufacturing fault could mean they are giving giving incorrectly low blood glucose results.

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency have warned that TRUEresult, TRUEresult twist, and TRUEtrack test strips may be giving faulty results due to a packing issue from their manufacture, Nipro Diagnoisotcs.

Some tests strips in certain lots were not sealed properly, which could affect how they measure blood glucose levels, meaning some diabetics could have undetected high blood glucose.

John Wilkinson, Medical Device Alert's Director of Medical Devices, said: "It's important that you check your test strips. Stop using them if they are in the affected lots and, if necessary, seek alternatives as soon as possible. You can contact the manufacturer on 0800 08 588 08 to return affected strips.

"If you have any questions about your blood glucose readings you should speak with your diabetes care team. We continue to encourage people to report any issues involving medical devices to MHRA via our Yellow Card Scheme.

Simon O'Neill, director of Health Intelligence at Diabetes UK said: "Ensuring the correct level of blood sugar is vitally important in the management of diabetes. We welcome this action taken by MHRA to ensure people can be sure of correctly testing their blood glucose. People using these test strips should return them to the manufacturer.

"If they have any concerns about their blood sugar levels, they should talk to their diabetes care team.

People are being asked to check if they use affected blood glucose test strips with the lot numbers below.

Product nameItem numberLot numberExp. Date
TRUEresult PQQE3I24 81 OTCPS2190IGB31 Dec 17
TRUEresult PQQE3I24 81 OTCPS2319IGB18 May 18
TRUEresult PQQE3I24 81 OTCPS2322IGB19 May 18
TRUEresult PQQE3I24 81PS2190IGB31 Dec 17
TRUEresult PQQE3I24 81PS2319IGB18 May 18
TRUEresult PQQE3I24 81PS2322IGB19 May 18
TRUEresult PQQE3I24 81PS2407IGB16 Jul 18
TRUEtrackA3I24 81RS4645IGB30 Sep 17
TRUEresult PQQE4I24 81KS122831 Mar 18
TRUEresult PQQE4I24 81KS122931 Mar 18
TRUEresult PQQE4I24 81KS123031 Mar 18
TRUEresult PQQE4I24 81KS124131 Mar 18