Frontier Airlines
Frontier Airlines is a major ultra-low-cost American airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado. David Zalubowski/AP

A passenger on board a Frontier Airlines flight has been slapped with federal charges after she was caught on a video pulling down her pants and underwear, cursing at the crew and allegedly threatening to kill fellow flyers.

Dulce Huertas, a 60-year-old woman from Philadelphia, had a meltdown mid-air after she had two cocktails during the November 20, 2023 flight travelling from Orlando to Philadelphia.

The female passenger got out of her seat while the plane was about to land in Philadelphia and announced, "I have to pee", according to a federal complaint, signed by FBI Special Agent Kyle Kapron states, obtained by the Daily Beast. A flight attendant told her to remain seated. An angered Huertas then began "yelling and cursing" at the crew member.

Once the plane had landed in Pennsylvania and before the passengers were allowed to leave the aircraft, Huertas resumed her aggressive behaviour as she started to curse at other people around her, prompting the crew to call security.

The captain of the plane was soon informed about the troublesome passenger and made an announcement instructing everyone to remain seated. Once the flight arrived at the gate, Huertas allegedly pushed other passengers out of the way as she went to the front of the cabin. As she approached the lavatory, flight attendants stopped her, saying they "were disarming the main cabin door".

"Huertas then stated, 'Sorry, everybody,' and pulled her pants and underwear down as she squatted as if to urinate in the aisle," as per the complaint. While she did not urinate, she "displayed her anus and genitalia" before pulling her pants back up.

"Notably, there were children nearby," the complaint states further.

However, Huertas did not stop behaving aggressively afterwards, allegedly continuing to "yell, curse, and threaten to kill multiple passengers".

The 60-year-old woman then again went to the aisle, saying to a flight attendant, "let me pass, let me pass" and using "her belly to bump" her.

"At this time, [the flight attendant] was concerned that Huertas would open one of the external doors and activate an emergency slide," the complaint states.

Huertas has been charged with simple assault, indecent exposure, and interference with flight crew members. However, it was not clear if she had retained an attorney.

If Huertas is sentenced, she faces up to 21 years and three months in prison, as well as three years of supervised release and a $355,000 fine, federal officials said in a press release.