Football's lawmakers have given the green light to the use of further video technology to help referees in live games. Fifa and the International Football Association Board (IFAB) announced the decision at a press conference in Cardiff on 5 March.

They approved a two-year trial period to allow technology to be used in key instances, such as to determine if a goal has been scored, whether a player should be sent off, whether a penalty should be awarded and in cases of mistaken identity.

Newly elected Fifa president Gianni Infantino said, "Today we have taken really a historic decision for football. Fifa and IFAB, or IFAB and Fifa are now leading the debate and not stopping the debate. We have shown that we are listening to the fans, to the players, to football. We are listening to football and we are applying common sense."

He added, "The flow of the game of football is crucial and we have to see what kind of impact technology and video technology in particular will have on the flow of the game, which we can never put in danger. But in order to be able to have a serious discussion about these matters, we need to test it".

IFAB, which is made up of the four British football associations, said it hopes to host live trials with 12 national associations and one confederation.