One dedicated FIFA 12 player has uploaded a video to YouTube of England and Liverpool target man Andy Carroll kissing in the game in what gamers have called the 'FIFA Sex Tape.'

The video has garnered over a 30,000 hits on YouTube after it was uploaded by 'Duaineml0' on Wednesday along with the comments: "had to upload. might make a christmas compilation if i can be arsed."

The clip, which is a glitch that was apparently missed by FIFA developers EA, shows Andy Carroll scoring a goal from close range, at which point Arsenal keeper, Lukas Fabianski charges at his feet.

A slight tangle ensues as you would expect it to however by the end both players are intertwined and each player appears to lean in for the kiss.

The footage has since gone viral with many Facebook and Twitter shares. Some humorous comments on the YouTube channel itself have also emerged with 'MrBluer14' having the highest rated comment: "Still ..a better love story than twilight .. ;)"

'Neeleshdomah' had the second highest rating with his comical dismissal of the video's authenticity: "fake!! Carroll doesn't score goals!!"