Security experts don't know who created it just yet but they're pretty sure it's the work of a government or a nation state. What is IT? It's Flame – described as 'one of the most complex computer threats ever discovered'. And it's sweeping across countries like Iran and Israel collecting huge amounts of sensitive, classified information.

Russian security firm, Kaspersky Labs, says Flame's been doing the rounds for just short of two years. The labs teamed up with the UN's International Telecommunication Union after Iran complained that there was malicious software on the prowl which was wiping data. That was called Stuxnet and Iran pointed the finger at America and Israel.

Experts at the malware firm are guessing that reckon Flame might have been developed to give a double-whammy Stuxnet effect. Vitaly Kamluk from Kaspersky Labs says it's all part and parcel of everyone keeping their beady eyes on one other: "We think that this is one of the rare examples of a cyber weapon, and it actually illustrates the fact that there are some cyber warfare operations going on there secretly. One of the key features of cyber warfare as we define it's completely, complete, secretness, so nobody knows about the cyber warfare going on, its one of the main features. Otherwise, its some of the operations would not be probably so successful."

At the moment the attacks all look as if they're focussed in on the Middle East, although a few breaches in Europe have been picked up. Looks like it'll take much more research and tracking to see if the Flame leaves a cyber trail all the way back to its owner.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole